Conversion Optimistion for Beginners!

conversion-optimizationYou might be new to conversion optimisation so if you want to get to grips with converting website traffic into more sales, more requests, and more money – read on!

The first thing you want to do is define your conversion goal. Let’s say for this example that you want people to fill in your contact form. This is a pretty common conversion goal, and many websites are absolutely terrible for it, so it’s a great place to start!

Look away from Kate Upton for a moment and you will see that over to the right there is a pink contact form. You can put your info in there and get a FREE quote on conversion optimisation now ;)

Without some way of contacting you easily, visitors just click away!

website-conversion-optimisation-australiaWe want people to stay on your site and be able to contact you easily

Convert More with a Contact Form

So anyway… add a contact form. If you use wordpress there are heaps of plugins you can use, or you can code your own contact form, or you can use a contact form service.

The important thing to remember is that we need a thank-you page so when a visitor fills out the form, they then get sent to a page which we can track.

Tracking Conversions with Analytics


We install the analytics code in the thank-you page and create a goal within Analytics. This way we can monitor all conversions.

If you are using Google Adwords you can also link your account to Analytics so that we can track which keyword and which campaign sent through the visitor that filled the contact form in!

Still with us? Essentially by adding the conversion tracking code to a page which only gets visited once a goal is completed we can see how people flow through, and interact with your website.

We can then find what your conversion rate is, and start to improve it by tweaking and split-testing changes to your website.


If you need help with conversion optimisation contact us any time. We Convert Web Traffic!

^^ You want people to fill in the contact form ^^

It doesn’t matter that in this case you don’t fill it in. What you have learnt is valuable and we give this to you for education. Now please enjoy Kate Upton and remember to share this post! make-more-money